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Size of problem

The tribal communities are found throughout the country. They are primarily residing in hilly and mountainous regions. They are dependent upon the natural environmental conditions for the sustenance of their living conditions. The main objective of this research paper is to acquire an understanding of tribal education. .

What is the problem

In tribal communities, the system of education is not in a well-developed state. Though they have recognized the significance of education and are migrating to urban communities to pursue education. There is a need to formulate measures and programs that are necessary to bring about improvements in tribal education. In tribal education, there is a need to bring about improvements in teaching-learning methods, infrastructure, facilities, amenities and the overall environmental conditions of the educational institutions. Apart from acquisition of education, it is essential for the tribal communities to generate awareness in terms of modern and innovative methods to enhance their overall quality of lives. The main areas that have been taken into account in this research paper are, Constitution and tribal education, challenges experienced by tribal students in acquisition of education, and measures to enhance tribal education.

Some factors causing tribal education

The major challenges that are experienced by tribal students in acquisition of education have been stated as follows: Financial Problems – Finances are regarded to be of utmost significance within the course of implementation of various tasks and activities.

Low Levels of Motivation – It is essential for students to possess interest, enthusiasm and high levels of motivation, particularly within the course of attainment of academic goals. Tribal students usually possess low levels of motivation. The primary causes are, lack of efficient understanding of academic concepts, learning disabilities, unavailability of learning materials, lack of infrastructure and other facilities and lack of support from parents, particularly in academic learning.

Unsatisfactory Teaching-Learning Methods – In schools in tribal communities, the teaching-learning methods are either not adequately available or the ones that are utilized are not in accordance to the academic requirements of students.

Lack of Learning Materials – Learning materials are regarded to be of utmost significance to acquire understanding of academic concepts and achieve academic goals. They are the ones that impart knowledge and information among students regarding various aspects and concepts

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